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Pensions Committee

Pensions Committee consists of Trustees who sit as the decision-making body of the Fund.

As a statutory public service scheme, the Fund has a different legal status compared with trust-based schemes in the private sector. Although those making decisions relating to the Fund are required, in many ways, to act as if they were Trustees in terms of their duty of care, they are subject to a different legal framework and are not Trustees in the strict legal sense.

The key duties in discharging this role are:

  1. To be responsible for compliance with legislation and best practice.
  2. To determine admission policy and agreements.
  3. To monitor pension administration arrangements.
  4. To determine investment strategy based on a medium-term benchmark.
  5. To approve policy.
  6. To appoint committee advisors.
  7. To determine detailed management budgets.
  8. To monitor the Fund's investment performance.
  9. To monitor investment activity and the implementation investment strategy.
  10. To monitor and review the Fund's investment of management awareness
  11. To monitor and review detailed plans for individual asset classes

Further information about the role of Pensions Committee together with its terms of reference can be found in the Constitution of the City of Wolverhampton Council

Questions about the Pensions Committee

If you have any further queries about the West Midlands Pension Fund's Pensions Committee, please contact Jane Hazeldine, Trustee Management Officer by email at

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