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Monthly Data Submissions

As you will be aware from ongoing communications to date, 1 April 2017 marked the beginning of the transition from annual returns to monthly data submissions.

Unless you have specified otherwise, you will have gone live in April.

By consolidating the existing methods of exchanging data into one process this will:

  • improve the efficiency of how we exchange member data with employers

  • improve the quality of the data held

  • streamline financial reconciliation by auto producing a form CON1B

  • reduce the number of routine tasks employers have to carry out each month to provide the Fund with current data

Only your final statement will continue to be submitted annually as this is a summary of the whole year and will be used for reconciliation.

Piloting of the new process has now ended, with more than 70 employers opting to participate. Those taking part in the pilot have provided feedback throughout the period on their experience in using the process. Engagement workshops have also been held at our offices in Mander House, Wolverhampton in order to test the process in a face to face environment. These provided an opportunity to talk about the guidance available to all employers and their experience when uploading a test file using the new template.

All feedback gathered throughout the period has been used to make any improvements, where necessary, in time for our employers to 'go live' from 1 April 2017. The Fund remains in a continuous cycle of improving the Web Portal process for the submission of your monthly data.

For peace of mind, all employers will have the opportunity to test your files on the web portal before submitting your first live file. If you do not already have a web portal account, please go to the employers' web portal page to find out how to register and for information about the support available to you.

It is important to the Fund that your transition from annual returns to monthly data submissions is as smooth as possible and that the projected benefits to our employers are realised, as well as helping the Fund to achieve its statutory obligations.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this new process please telephone our dedicated employer helpline on          0300 111 6516 or e-mail the Employer Relationship Team .



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