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Responsible investment

The Fund has a longstanding commitment to responsible investment (RI) and this is underpinned by our Responsible Investment Framework. Its purpose is to detail the approach the Fund aims to follow in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in its investments. It is considered supplementary to the Fund's Statement of Investment Principles and thus in alignment with its fiduciary duty.

There are three main focus areas for its RI strategy: voting globallyengagement through partnership and shareholder litigation, collectively referred to as "active ownership".

For further information on the Fund's responsible investment approach, please refer to the Fund's Investment Strategy Statement, Responsible Investment Framework and UK Stewardship Code Compliance Statement.

The Fund's active ownership approach is further detailed in these documents:

publication icon Responsible Investment Framework 2016 [229kb]

publication icon Investment Strategy Statement 2017 [167kb]

publication icon Compliance With the UK Stewardship Code for Institutional Investors [206kb]

If you wish to contact the Fund regarding its responsible investment approach, please email

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