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Objectives of LGPS Central

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The shared objectives of the pool are to:

  • meet the investment objectives of the partner Funds

  • establish a collaborative platform through which administering authorities of the partner Funds can aggregate their pension assets, with a view to providing scale economies and improved investment efficiency

  • develop internal investment management capabilities for the collective benefit of the partner Funds, in order to provide wider investment choice and market competition

  • create capacity to invest in asset classes which individual Funds may find difficult to access

  • stimulate innovation, and provide an opportunity for Funds to engage with the investment industry in finding new and creative approaches to the funding challenges faced by the LGPS (and the wider pensions sector)

  • act as a responsible, long-term investor, using its influence as a shareholder to promote the highest standards of corporate stewardship

  • create a regional centre of excellence for investment management, able (in the long-term) to offer services to other pension funds, charities and endowments

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