Pension Portal

We are aware that there is currently issues viewing your documents on your Pension Portal account, we are dealing with this as a high priority and hope to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Please note that the Pension Portal will be unavailable due to essential maintenance between on the dates below. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • 30 September - 1 October 2023
  • 4 November - 5 November 2023
  • 9 December - 10 December 2023

To register for the Pensions Portal, you will need a unique “Personal Identification Code”, which will be sent out to you in the post.

The benefits of using the Pensions Portal:

  • View and print your annual benefit statements
  • View and update your contact details and other personal information
  • Send questions securely to the fund and view your responses
  • Update your UK bank account or access overseas bank account mandates if you are in receipt of a pension
  • View and print copies of your payslips and P60s if you are in receipt of a pension

The new Pensions Portal is here

The Fund is always taking onboard member feedback to improve our services to enable members to engage quickly and easily with their benefits. Incorporating your feedback, we have developed a brand-new, more user-friendly Pensions Portal.

The new portal brings increased security to protect your data, and improved functionality, and we can now provide you with notifications to alert you to when important documents or other letters which may require your attention are available.

The Fund will be contacting you over the summer with your Personal Identification Code along with instructions to enable you to register for the new portal. Keep an eye out for this information which will be sent out to you in the post.

Pension payslip

If you usually login to the Pensions Portal and download a copy of your monthly payslip, the move to the new Pensions Portal means this function will temporarily be unavailable until you register for the new portal.

However your pension will be paid into your account as normal. You will receive a paper payslip for July’s pension payment if your pension changes by £10 or more, or if you have a change in tax code.

You will receive a letter shortly, providing guidance on, how to register on the new Pensions Portal, to view your August payslip online if you choose.

If you are trying to access the Pension Portal as a Fund Employer, please visit the 'Employers' section of the website.

How to Register & Activate

To register for your new account please visit the Pensions Portal. (Please note that you will need to register for a new account even if you were registered on the existing portal).

Click “Register” under “New user Registration” and follow the quick and easy steps below:

  • Step 1 – View all the information in “things you will need” and select “I’m ready”
  • Step 2 – Please type in your “Personal Identification Code” which is detailed in the letter you will receive off the Fund if you have not already, please then select “Next”.
  • Step 3 –Verify it’s you - Input your National Insurance Number & your Date of Birth and click “Next”.
  • Step 4 – Create your account - Type in a username of your choice along with a password and select “Next”.
  • Step 5 – Verify your email - Input your email address and click “Send email” and type in the verification code which has been emailed to you and select “Next”.
  • Step 6 - Securing your account – You now need to secure your account by setting up a second level of security, you can choose one of the following:
    • Using an SMS text message that is sent to your mobile phone with a one-time-only code for access to the system.
    • Using an Authenticator App on your smartphone, such as "Google Authenticator"
    • Once you have secured your account click “Next”.
  • Step 7 – Sign in - You should now see a screen which confirms that your account has been created and you can select “Take me to sign in”.

Congratulations! You can now take control of your retirement and manage your benefits online!.

Forgotten your Username or Password?

Unsure of your Username?

Your username is unique to you. You would have created it when you registered for your new Pension Portal account.

If you have forgotten your username or password you will need to select either forgotten username or password. If you have forgotten both you will need to reset your username first and then the password second.

To reset your username select “Forgotten Username”

You will be prompted to enter your registered email address.

Enter your email address and select ‘Send Email’. A reminder of your Username will be sent your email address. Once you have this click ‘Take me to Sign in’ and enter your login details.

Unsure of your Password?

If you have forgotten your password click ‘Forgotten Password’ and the screen will then change to start the reset password process.

You should now get a box which says “Please enter the username associated with your account” which you will need to type in your username and click “Next”.

Create a new password which meets the minimum password requirements and select “Next”. (Should the minimum password requirements be outlined here)

Your password has now been reset and you will now get an email to confirm your password has been changed.

How to Login

Once you have registered for a Pensions Portal account you will be able to login and manage your benefits online.

How to login:

  • Visit the Pensions Portal
  • Enter your Username which is unique to you. You would have created this when you registered for your new Pension Portal account. (please remember that this field are case sensitive)
  • Enter your password (again, the answer is case sensitive)
  • You will then need to pass security by typing in the code which you can choose to be sent to you via SMS or you can use an authenticator app.

You should then have full access to your Pension Portal account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get an estimate of benefits?

A: This functionality will be available shortly (by September), which will enable you to run multiple estimates at a variety of dates, however if needed in the short term please contact the Fund who will be able to produce an estimate and issue this to you through the post.

Q: I need a cash equivalent transfer value, can I calculate this on the Pensions Portal?

A: You can't calculate a cash equivalent transfer value on the Pensions Portal but the Fund can calculate one transfer value in any 12 month period for you. To request a transfer value, please send us a secure message using the 'My Messages' feature of the Pensions Portal. Transfer values vary depending on whether they are for pension transfer or for divorce valuation purposes, so please let us know which type of value you need in the secure message.