The City of Wolverhampton Council (CWC) is the Administering Authority for the West Midlands Pension Fund (the Fund) under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 and is the Scheme Manager as defined by Section 4 of the Public Service Pension Act 2013.

CWC are required, by virtue of the statutory provisions in the Local Government Pension Scheme (Management and Investment of Funds) Regulations 2009 to manage the Pension Fund’s assets and liabilities separately to those it holds to perform its functions as a local government authority and to carry out all other activities associated with the management and administration of the scheme, in accordance with legislation and statutory guidance for the benefit of its members, employers and other stakeholders

Under its constitution and in accordance with Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 CWC have delegated responsibility for the management of the Fund to the Pensions Committee and the Director of Pensions. As required by the Public Service Pensions Act 2013, CWC have also established a Local Pensions Board to assist in the good governance of the scheme by ensuring compliance with legislation and statutory guidance. The Fund’s Governance arrangements are outlined in the diagram below.

Governance structure