How we trace scheme members

The Fund uses a variety of data cleansing services to support with tracing and checking the accuracy of the data held for our members. 

For our pensioner members, the Fund participates in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI). This is a bi-annual exercise that matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud. These bodies include police authorities, local probation boards, fire and rescue authorities as well as local councils and a number of private sector bodies, the Fund participates with support from City of Wolverhampton Council. This is a service the Fund uses to support the identification of any unnotified deaths. In addition, the Fund undertakes an annual Life Certification Process for Overseas pensioners, where we write out to pensioner members who are based overseas to confirm existence and their contact information.

For deferred members, no longer in active employment with a Fund employer, the Fund is reliant on member notification of changes in address and contact information which enable the Fund to remain in dialogue.  Member self-service through the portal enables update of personal details but returned post and gaps in portal uptake indicate a higher risk of loss of member contact. To assist in the review and update of data held, the Fund has developed a deferred member tracing programme targeting checks on member contact information ahead of their anticipated retirement date, with the aim of reducing data queries and confirming contact at retirement.

The Fund work in partnership with Target, a third party organisation to trace and verify their scheme members in the UK and overseas, helping to ensure pension scheme data is correct and up-to-date.

If you would like more information on Target, please feel free to engage via the telephone on 01243 608 635 or via their webchat.

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