Our vision

Contributing together to create sustainable futures for all.

As a public service pension scheme, the West Midlands Pension Fund is focused on delivering value to our customers, by ensuring information and support is available to them throughout their journey with the Fund. Through our developing services we enable pension members to effectively plan for their retirement and to support our employers in delivering a valued and cost-effective benefit for their employees.

By investing responsibly on their behalf, we generate returns to reduce the cost of providing long-term defined benefits in retirement, at the same time as utilising our scale to drive positive change through our investments around the world.

Now, more than ever, there is a shared motivation to address environmental, social and governance risks, to protect the value of Fund investments, access opportunities which contribute to positive change and raise standards to support the long-term sustainability of our people and our planet.

As the industry comes together to enhance action on climate risk and develop initiatives and tools to aid pension savings, we continue to partner for shared gain and remain committed to delivering a valued and sustainable Fund, ready and able to drive efficiencies through a proactive approach to change.

We remain committed to ensuring our customers are informed and supported in their own financial planning and decision making, as we continue to demonstrate the long-term value we are able to bring to the West Midlands region and further afield.