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Actuarial Valuation

2022 Actuarial Valuation Provisional Results

Provisional results have now been issued to almost all of our employers (if you have yet to receive this, they will be with you very shortly)

If you have an enquiry regarding your provisional results, please refer to the supporting documents provided alongside your results schedule initially.   If you are unable to find an answer to your query please submit this via our Online Enquiry Form.This will allow you to raise specific queries relating to your individual results, request further information from the Fund and submit any information which may be relevant to your individual results.

Should you wish to discuss anything further or wish to request a meeting with the Fund, please let us know via our dedicated valuation mailbox


January 2023 briefing session

The Fund is holding a further briefing session on Tuesday 17th January 2023 at 09:30 @PWC Office Birmingham - Click here to register. The session will provide an opportunity for you to understand your provisional results and the factors influencing them. We strongly recommend a representative of your organisation attends this briefing if they have not attended a previous briefing. There will be an opportunity to raise queries as part of these sessions and Fund officers will be available afterwards should you wish to discuss your organisations specific result on a one-to-one basis.


Previous Valuation Results

The employers' contribution rates vary every three years as a result of actuarial valuation of the Fund by an independent actuary.

The actuary plays a major role in ensuring the solvency of the Fund and sets the employer contribution rate at a level required to support the costs of benefits payable out of the Fund both currently and in the future.

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2019 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2016 [1Mb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2001 [1Mb]   

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2013 [511kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1998 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2010 [591kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1995 [1Mb]                            

pdf icon Valuation Statement 31/03/2010 [63kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1992 [2Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2007 [395kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1989 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2004 [795kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1984 [2Mb]

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