Employer Self-Service (ESS)


We are pleased to share that ESS users can now run ill-health retirement (IHR) estimates for members. Guidance on running all types of estimates (including IHR estimates) be found from page 59 of our Full ESS Guide. Here you can find full guidance on the Fund’s IHR process.

Further to the advice that was issued here on 14/05/2024 asking you not to attempt submission of your April monthly data file if it contained backdated joiners, we are pleased to advise you that you can now continue submission after reading this important guidance that contains actions that you must complete if the scenario affects you. This guidance supplements the email that was sent to all ESS users and day-to-day contacts on Friday 17th May. If you have any queries please contact us on either 0300 111 6516 or WMPFEmployerSystemSupport@wolverhampton.gov.uk. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

  1. When uploading any files onto Employer Self-Service, please do not add special characters including apostrophes, full stops and commas into the file name.

  2. The Active List report lists all members that have an active status in the scheme. Please note that this may include members that have an ongoing leaver process running. Please ensure that when you are submitting exit interfaces to the Fund you make a note of the case number specific to the interface you are loading. You will then be able to run the ‘Employer Workflows’ report to ascertain if a particular interface has been successfully submitted to the Fund – these will be noted as ‘Complete’ in the Status column.

  3. Please see the Estimate functionality update Feb 2024 in the Downloads section for news about functionality introduced to allow estimates to be run beyond the current scheme year.

Employer Self-Service (ESS) is where we process the majority of your organisation's bulk member data.

You will find everything you need, including a full guidance document, videos, file layouts and an FAQ document on this page to help you navigate your way around ESS.

If you are interested in attending one of our online training sessions, please click the link to be taken to Eventbrite, where you can view and book onto any of our available sessions: ESS Online Training.

If you have any queries about any aspect of ESS, including how to submit an interface, using Admin Referrals to tell us about member/employer updates, or reporting, please contact us at WMPFEmployerSystemSupport@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

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