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Human Rights

Human rights include civil, political, economic, and social and cultural rights, such as the right to life, the right to freedom of association or the right to health. The ability and commitment to remedy human rights issues reflects the strength of a company's culture and risk management. Many companies are reliant upon global supply chains to access labour in low cost regions. Although no publicly traded companies intentionally support human trafficking, they can become unintentionally complicit in it by inadequately overseeing their supply chains. To combat this, companies must remain vigilant with regard to their suppliers' hiring policies and practices to avoid and discourage these conditions in the workplace. This theme includes a focus on valuing and supporting greater diversity. As a representative of an asset owner diversity working group, and a member of the 30% club, the Fund has pressed for greater gender and ethnicity diversity on company boards. The Fund's stewardship work incorporates a drive for wider-ranging action on equality and inclusion to drive change and increase representation and involvement by all.

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