Employer Hub

Employer Hub is where we process the majority of your organisation's bulk member data.

New to Employer Hub? If you need access to Hub please contact the registered superuser in your organisation.

IMPORTANT: Transition to Employer Self-Service from 24/07/2023

Below are the key dates that you need to be aware of as we transition to a new pension administration system. Full details, including links to the relevant documentation and detailed information to help you prepare for the change are available in our latest newsletter.

Please be aware that the next key date for action is 31/05/2023:



No later than:
  • Respond to all outstanding data queries:
    • Monthly submission feedback
    • S15s
    • McCloud data.
  • Notify us of any significant membership changes.
  • Check your current Hub users and notify us of any new users/revocations required.
No later than: 
  • Complete all outstanding monthly data files up to May 2023.
  • Check your active member lists and submit joiner/leaver notifications as required. (View Active Member List Quick Guide in the Download section)
  • Log into Hub to ensure your access to ESS is created.
  • Submit final S10 member change notifications prior to transition.
  • Monthly submission process switched off in Employer Hub.
  • S10 process switched off in Employer Hub.
No later than:
  • Submit all early leaver notifications (refunds, opt-outs after 3 months & deferreds) to 23/06/2023 via Employer Hub.
  • Submit retirement notifications to 23/06/2023 via Employer Hub.
No later than: 
  • Respond to S15 queries raised between 01/06/2023 and no later than: 23/06/2023 16/06/2023 within 10-day KPI
No later than:
  • Access to Employer Hub removed.
  • Go-live in ESS (employers), MSS (members) and Compendia Touch (WMPF).
No later than:
  • Submit June and July monthly submission files via ESS.
Current status

Outstanding issues:

There is currently an issue preventing Hub Superusers from creating new user accounts. If you require a new user to be granted access to Employer Hub, please contact WMPFEmployerLiaison2@wolverhampton.gov.uk. Please monitor this website for details of when this issue has been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause, and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


If you are new to the Employer Hub we have a number of resources available, including the guidance documents in the Downloads section and videos below.

Additionally we hold regular webinars to help you learn about many WMPF processes and LGPS regulations, see our for more details.

For any queries regarding the Employer Hub please contact WMPFEmployerHubEnquiries@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

Employer Hub Guidance Videos

Find the documents on your employer record:

Run an active member list:

Submit an early leaver notification (deferment):

Find the PDF of an S15 Query that you have answered:

Submit a monthly data file:

System availability

As at 29.03.2021, new functionality now available:

  • Searches can now be carried out using Pay Location reference
  • Modify user option now available (Superusers may change the access level of other users)

As at 29.03.2021, the following improvements have been applied following employer feedback:

  • Reset password functionality working fully and correctly
  • Improved appearance of S4 once saved
  • 'Submit' button removed from process selection screen - now click once on a process to start it
  • 'Comments' box added to the reassign process box to allow you to add comments to the process (although reassigning can still be completed without entering data in the boxes)

As at 30.04.2021, functionality has been added following further employer feedback:

  • New 'Valuation Details' screen - containing contribution rate details

As at 11.08.2021, the monthly submission process has had the following updates:

  • Opt-outs within three months all reported via monthly submission file
  • Zero-error submission: all errors must be cleared and validated to continue process
  • Auto-population of employer Primary Contribution Rate %
  • New validation stage for employer Web Remittance Advice stage
  • Re-load file option

For more details, please see our Monthly Submission Process Changes in the Downloads section.