Planning your retirement - No longer paying in

Have you started thinking about retirement, or is there too much to think about? How much will your pension be? Can you afford to access your deferred pension?

Most of us spend more time planning for a two-week holiday than the biggest holiday of our lifetime - retirement!

Whatever your retirement looks like, the West Midlands Pension Fund is here to help you. We have produced some useful links and guides to ensure you can successfully plan for your future.

To find out how much your pension is or to calculate estimates, you will need to log onto the Pension Portal.

Useful links

Why not take the 5 steps to being Pension Smart? 

Do you know how much State Pension you are entitled to? To check your forecast please visit Check your State Pension forecast.

Your LGPS pension is one of the most valuable asset you have, so when planning, prepare but beware of scammers who may try to get their hands on your hard earned benefit. For tips how to spot the signs and avoid a scam, please visit The Pension Regulator's website.

When preparing for retirement, it is always helpful to produce a budget planner, for tips and advice and help on budgeting for the future please visit the Citizen Advice website.

The LGPS Member website has all the information about you need to know about the rules and regulations of the scheme.