Update your details or appoint a third party

From time to time, we may need to contact you about your pension, so it's important to inform us of any changes.

 Please login to the Pensions Portal where you can review and update information such as:

  • Your name/title
  • Your marital status
  • Your postal or email address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your nominated beneficiaries
Changing your bank details

If you need to change your bank details, you can update this information through our Pensions Portal facility.

Alternatively, you can contact us to inform us of the update. For security purposes, you can't change your bank details over the phone unless you have previously registered a password on your account.

When updating your bank account details, changes may not take effect until the following month due to the timing of running the payrolls. Please do not close your old account until you have received confirmation from the Fund that the change has been made.

International payment service

To setup international payments that enables overseas pensioners to receive payments directly into their bank accounts via secure electronic means, please visit Overseas Mandates.

Appoint a third party to contact us on your behalf

There are instances where our members may wish or even need to appoint an individual(s) or organisation to liaise with the Fund on their behalf regarding matters relating to their pension record. This can be for a range of different reasons both personally or financially. For further information on this, please download the ‘Third-Party Access to Pension Records’ from the downloads section.

If consent is provided to the Fund on a generic letter of authority from a third-party then this will not be deemed sufficient enough to deal with the third-party directly. The Fund requires authority to be given by way of one of the methods outlined within the Third Party Access policy, which can be found in the Downloads section.