2024 Annual Stewardship Report

2024 Annual Stewardship Report
Jun 21, 2024

2024 Annual Stewardship Report

Last week we published our 2024 Annual Stewardship Report.

In our fourth annual report we showcase the stewardship activities we undertook during the 2023 calendar year. The report includes:

  • Emphasis on how we identify and manage risks and opportunities across our investment portfolio in line with our responsible investment approach. 
  • Insight into how we strengthened our Voting Principles, with particular attention on increasing expectations around company net zero pathways and the diversity of company boards and management teams. 
  • Dedicated focus on how we engage and communicate with our members, lessons learnt from our first Responsible Investment survey, and how we have started to implement changes within our communication and reporting strategies.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to work collaboratively with investors, asset managers and stewardship providers to move the needle on global policy and deliver improvements to the way in which companies are managed.

We are proud of our stewardship achievements which not only produce real world sustainable benefits but also allow us to positively impact our investment outcomes while securing our long-term ability to pay member benefits when they fall due.   

To read our full Annual Stewardship Report please visit Responsible Investment.