West Midlands Pension Fund achieves ‘gold standard’ securing PASA re-accreditation

Jun 3, 2024

West Midlands Pension Fund achieves ‘gold standard’ securing PASA re-accreditation

West Midlands Pension Fund has achieved Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) re-accreditation – the ‘gold standard’ for high quality pensions administration.

The Fund is one of the UK’s largest with over 340,000 members across more than 800 employers, including local authorities and schools. It was the first local government pension scheme in England and Wales to achieve the Accreditation, in 2020.

PASA is the independent body dedicated to driving up standards in pensions administration. Just six other organisations have successfully achieved re-accreditation.

Lorraine Harper, Chair of PASA’s Accreditation Committee, said: “Following a thorough and comprehensive assessment process we’re delighted to confirm seven of our accredited members have re-affirmed their gold standard for high quality pension administration. These organisation’s services clearly demonstrated the excellence and professionalism required to meet the exemplary standards set out in the PASA accreditation benchmark.

“The number of PASA accredited organisations continues to grow covering in house administration, third party administrators and providers. The volume of accreditation applications received and, those currently in process, is indicative of an industry wide push for recognition and improvement. We advise all those managing administration to consider PASA accreditation.”

All seven organisations which have achieved PASA re-accreditation are named here.