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  • Declaration of Compliance

Declaration of Compliance

To confirm your compliance with Automatic Enrolment as an Employer you will need to complete a 'Declaration of Compliance'.

Details of how to complete this declaration and the process for submission are available through the following link:   tPR Automatic enrolment declaration - Help for Employers

To complete the declaration, the information that you require from West Midlands Pension Fund, is the following:

·         EPSR (Employer Pension Scheme Reference) - This is your unique Employer Number (either a three or four-digit number). This is the number you were allocated upon becoming a WMPF Employer. If you do not know what this is, please contact The Employer Services Team by email:

·         PSR (Pension Scheme Registry Number): 10079176

All other information that is required for the completion of this form, is your own individual payroll information that you hold. If you are an employer that uses an outsourced payroll provider, you should contact them to obtain this information.     


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