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Please make sure all new joiners are included in the monthly submission for the month that they join. In WMPF, one pension record is required for each position a member holds, so it is conceivable that a member may have more than one active record in the scheme. In these cases, you must ensure that each post has its own, unique, payroll reference number. For further information on the process and what additional information is required for joiners please refer to our excelfile icon File Layout - Monthly Data Submissions [33kb]


A1 Form: If a member is eligible for the LGPS upon auto enrolment please ask them to complete the A1 form which can be found pdf icon A1 Form [192kb] and return it to you (the employer). Once you have received a membership number from us, please add it to the A1 form and email it to

Application to Join Form: If a member is eligible and wishes to join the LGPS they will need to fill out our Application to Join form which can be found here and return it to you (the employer). Once you have received a membership number from us, please add it to the Application to Join form and email it to


If you need to make a material change (S10) to a member record you can do so via Employer Hub

50/50 Section: There is no form for employers to provide to members to request to move between the main section of the fund and the 50/50 section, or vice versa. However, we have provided the following pdf icon guidance notes [26kb] on how Employers should administer requests received.

Bulk Joiners: These files are for new members of staff (who have not previously been notified to us via the monthly submission file due to omission or error), not members of staff who are subject to TUPE transfer.

Please use the excelfile icon BDI Sample File [20kb]provided and save your BDI file as a .xls/.xlsx file and upload it through the 'Hub Bulk Joiner/Member Changes File' route in Employer Hub. There is no need to remove the header information when loading .xls/.xlsx files through Hub.

Pre -014/Post-2014 bulk joiner files guidance:

pdf icon Pre 2014 AE Joiner file layout [329kb]                   pdf icon Post 2014 Joiner file layout [553kb]


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