Becoming a fund employer

To become a WMPF employer you will need to be a body listed in Schedule 2 of the LGPS Regulations 2013.

Organisations such as; county councils, district councils, academies and further and higher education corporations are named in the LGPS regulations as scheme employers and automatically participate in the scheme.

Administering authorities can admit organisations that are not automatically scheme employers but who satisfy certain other conditions. These are called 'admission bodies'.

Admission bodies fall into two main categories:

  • A body that has a community of interest with local government employers. It is a 'not for profit' organisation and is admitted to the Fund by way of an admission agreement.
  • A company that has taken on work on behalf of a scheme employer by means of a contract or other arrangement and is admitted to the Fund by way of an admission agreement.

Employees of an admission body can join the LGPS if the admission agreement allows it.

The Pensions Administration Strategy and Employer Engagement Roadmap set out both scheme employer and Fund roles and responsibilities, performance expectations and escalation procedures amongst other items. For further information please find both resources in our Corporate Information section.

Admission body

Following the consultation of the 2019 Funding Strategy Statement (FSS), the Fund's policy in respect of accepting new admission body applications from 1st April 2019 has now changed. The default arrangement is for all new admission bodies to pay the same primary contribution rate as the guarantor employer, preventing the requirement of an actuarial assessment upon commencement and termination.

LGPS Regulations Definition

An administering authority may make an admission agreement with:

  1. a body which provides a public service in the United Kingdom otherwise than for the purposes of gain and has sufficient links with a scheme employer for the body and the scheme employer to be regarded as having a community of interest, whether because the operations of the body are dependent on the operations of the scheme employer or otherwise, or
  2. a body to the funds of which any scheme employer contributes, or
  3. a body which provides or will provide a service or assets in connection with the exercise of a function of a scheme employer as a result of:
    • the transfer of the service or assets by means of a contract or other arrangement.

Information required by us to process an admission body application:

  • Completion of Fund questionnaire (currently under review)
  • Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Last three years' report and accounts
  • Details of staff transferring

Joiner Data File

For staff transferring, please view the the 'Bulk file layout' in the Downloads section.

For an organisation to be an admission body, and admission agreement is signed and sealed by the outsourcing scheme employer, the West Midlands Pension Fund, and the organisation that has applied for the admission body status.

The application cannot be processed without all of the required documentation.

Please forward your application and relevant documents to wmpfemployerliaison2@wolverhampton.gov.uk

If you have not received further details from the Fund within 10 working days please contact the Employer Relationship Team.


An academy is automatically a Scheme employer upon conversion.

LGPS Regulation 2013 Definition

A proprietor of an academy within the meaning of section 579 (general interpretation) of the Education Act 1996 who has entered into academy arrangement within the meaning of section 1 (academy arrangements) of the Academies Act 2010.

The Fund needs the following information to process a school conversion to an academy:

  • Copy of the Secretary of State for Education - Academy Order
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association: A draft version of this document is acceptable if the final document is not available.
  • Data file of members

For transfer of members, please see the Bulk data transfer in the Downloads section.

Please also complete the Academy Questionnaire, in the Downloads section, and submit to wmpfemployerliaison2@wolverhampton.gov.uk

Academy Pooling Note

As part of the 2019 Actuarial Valuation and Funding Strategy Statement (FSS) consultation (which closed on 14th February 2020), in accordance with the governance structure of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and following feedback received from various MATs, the West Midlands Pension Fund have introduced mandatory pooling of the primary employer contribution rate (also known as a future service rate) across academies that form part of a MAT with effect from 1st April 2020.

The 2019 Actuarial Valuation provisional results have been calculated by the Fund actuary using the 'pooled' academy rates (see below):

Academy Pooling has resulted in in one single primary contribution rate (expressed as a percentage of pensionable payroll) being payable by each academy within the relevant MAT pool. The secondary rate (also known as past-service deficit), if applicable, would be calculated on an individual academy basis and would not be 'pooled' within the Trust. However, it is the preference of the Fund for all individual academy secondary rates to be aggregated for one payment where possible.

The main aims of the pooling arrangement are to:

  • Achieve consistency in primary contributions rates between individual academies that form part of a Trust;
  • Smooth out volatility in setting primary employer contribution rates between Triennial Valuations to ensure that contributions remain stable (including any new academies joining the Trust).
  • Provide greater certainty in terms of budget setting for MATs.
  • Narrow the range of primary contribution rates for academies across MATs.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been produced by the local government association setting out the relationship with LGPS Employers. For further information relating to the Fund's management of data in line with GDPR and DPA 2019, please visit Data Protection