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Rachel Brothwood

Welcome from Rachel Brothwood, Executive Director of Pensions

"Our Fund and our people have a real purpose. We’re here to support our members and our employers at some of the most important times in their lives or when they’re going through business change. 

Our core values set out how we work with each other and our customers, we believe we can achieve more through effective collaboration and partnerships with our stakeholders and welcome opportunities to engage and be involved in the world in which we operate. 

When we invest, we are not only looking for financial return, but we’re also looking to make positive change for the benefit of society and the environment in which we work. 

We have worked hard to create a collaborative and inclusive culture, where everyone has a voice and a role to play in creating sustainable futures for all."

Senior Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team are responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the Fund and each draws on their respective areas of expertise in managing the different service areas of the Fund

Rachel Brothwood

Rachel Brothwood
Executive Director of Pensions

  • WMPF Corporate Plan
  • Corporate Responsibility and Pension Fund Governance
  • Stakeholder and Industry Engagement
  • Fund Culture and People Strategy
  • Financial and Risk Strategy

Shiventa Sivanesan

Shiventa Sivanesan
Assistant Director (Investment Management & Stewardship):

  • Responsible investment
  • Climate change framework and strategy, climate risk reporting
  • Development and oversight of management arrangements
  • Stewardship, reporting and disclosure
  • Collaborative engagement initiatives

paul nevins

Paul Nevin
Assistant Director (Investment Strategy):

  • Investment strategy development and implementation
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Development and oversight of management arrangements
  • Portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Investment operations and processing

Chris Manning

Chris Manning
Head of Finance (Deputy S151 for WMPF):

  • Pensions Fund accounts
  • Financial reporting
  • Fund accounting
  • Budget management
  • Treasury management

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor
Assistant Director (Pensions):

  • Funding strategy, employer covenant and risk
  • Employer services including admissions and exit planning
  • Pensions administration strategy
  • Member information and events
  • Customer engagement and customer services

Amy Regler

Amy Regler
Head of Operations:

  • Fund IT/systems support
  • LGPS technical support
  • System developments
  • Benefit processing and determinations
  • LGPS pension payroll

Rachel Howe

Rachel Howe
Head of Governance, Risk and Assurance:

  • Fund governing bodies
  • Legal, risk and compliance
  • Regulatory change and statutory reporting
  • Business continuity
  • Information governance and data management

Head of People and Corporate Services:

  • Recruitment and resourcing
  • People and organisational development
  • Wellbeing and inclusion
  • Corporate communications and graphic design
  • Facilities management

Fund Policy Statements
Administering Authority Policy Statement
Communications Policy Statement
Customer Engagement Plan
Employer Engagement Roadmap
Employers: Risk Management Framework
Customer Engagement Strategy
Funding Strategy Statement
Governance Compliance Statement
Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure
Pension Administration Strategy
Termination Policy
Asset Share Policy
Employer Peer Group - Terms of Reference
Conflict Management Policy 2022
Third Party Access Policy
Annual Report and Accounts
2023 Annual Report and Accounts
2022 Annual Report and Accounts
2021 Annual Report and Accounts
2016 Annual Report and Accounts
2018 Annual Report and Accounts
2017 Annual Report and Accounts Summary
2020 Annual Report and Accounts
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2017 Annual Report and Accounts
2015 Annual Report and Accounts

The West Midlands Pension Fund and the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority Pension Fund work hard to be best practice organisations, delivering customer-focused services, while providing value for money to its stakeholders. Over the years, we have won a number of awards for excellence in both pension investments and administration:

Investors in People (IiP) - Gold Award

Investors in People (IiP) Gold Award Logo

Investors in People aids in embedding excellence in an organisation and recognising the value and achievement of its people. Achieving ‘Gold’ status recognises our organisational excellence and is testament to the fact that everyone is fully engaged in our vision.

UK Stewardship Code

UK Stewardship Code Logo

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) UK Stewardship Code is recognised as an effective standard for asset owners and asset managers to comply with and demonstrate best practice in discharging their stewardship responsibilities.

PASA - Pensions Administration Standards Association

PASA Pensions Administration Standards Association Logo

The Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) has been created to provide an independent infrastructure which will set, develop, guide and assess administration standards.

Enei - Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion

Enei Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion Logo

We are committed to building a workforce that is reflective of the diverse community we serve. We strongly believe in adding value through diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

The Government wants public services for all that are efficient, effective, excellent, equitable and empowering – with the citizen always and everywhere at the heart of public service provision.

ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Logo

The ACCA Qualification is the world leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals – providing students with the skills, knowledge and values to have successful careers and lead the organisations they work with into the future.

Mental Health at Work Commitment

Mental Health at Work Commitment Logo

The Fund is committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all of our staff. That’s why we’ve taken the Mental Health at Work Commitment and are currently implementing and delivering a programme of activities, based on an action plan, to ensure that everyone can have open and honest conversations about their wellbeing in the workplace and feel supported. We are committed to supporting our employees to fulfil their potential and perform at their best in work.

Dyslexia – Bronze

Dyslexia Bronze Logo

In addition, we have Bronze Organisational Membership with the British Dyslexia Association and are working towards their Smart Award, which further underlines our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Wherever possible, the Fund will accommodate any reasonable adjustments that are needed for an individual to thrive.

Partnership with City of Wolverhampton Council

West Midlands Pension Fund work in partnership with City of Wolverhampton Council.

To see the Management Structure between WMPF and City of Wolverhampton Council, please view the Senior Management Structure Charts on the City of Wolverhampton Council website.