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  • Scenario D1

Scenario D1

This scenario applies when you left an employment before 1 April 2014 with an entitlement to a deferred refund in the LGPS, and re-joined the LGPS.

As you have now re-joined the LGPS you are no longer eligible to take the refund of contributions and so the benefits in respect of the deferred refund will automatically be transferred to, and buy a amount of earned pension, in your new active pension account.

If you have more than one active pension action (because you have more than one current employment in which you are contributing to the LGPS) you will need to decide which active pension account you wish the benefits from your deferred refund to be combined with.

The Normal Pension Age for the earned pension transferred over to your new active pension account will be the same as your State Pension Age.  See the Re-joiner Glossary page for more information about Normal Pension Age.

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