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  • Your pension payment dates

Important note:

  • Pensions are usually paid on the 25th of the month, or the working day before if this falls on a weekend or a bank holiday. If you receive a pension payment in December, it will always be paid just over a week early due to the Christmas break.


Your pension payment dates

Our scheduled pension payment dates are listed below:

16 December 22Monthly and quarterly paid pensions (paid early)
25 January 23Monthly paid pensions
24 February 23Monthly paid pensions
24 March 23Monthly and quarterly paid pensions
25 April 23Monthly paid pensions
25 May 23Monthly paid pensions
23 June 23Monthly and quarterly paid pensions
25 July 23Monthly paid pensions
25 August 23Monthly paid pensions
25 September 23Monthly and quarterly paid pensions
25 October 23Monthly paid pensions
24 November 23Monthly paid pensions
15 December 23Monthly and quarterly paid pensions (paid early)
25 January 24Monthly paid pensions
23 February 24Monthly paid pensions
25 March 24Monthly and quarterly paid pensions


If you change your bank account, please remember to keep the previous account open until your account details have been updated with us.

My Pensions Portal This link opens in a new browser window
My Pensions Portal

To view your pension pay slips...

As a pensioner of the West Midlands Pension Fund you can register to use the Fund's new Pensions Portal for access to your record. You will have an opportunity to:

  • View your documents such as pension pay slips and end of year P60's
  • View and amend your personal information.
  • View your pension history
  • Change your UK bank account

To access your pension record, register for the Pension Portal today Access your pension online.


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